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About Us

Cycle Works started out as a hobby building, repairing and modifying all types of scooters. The hobby turned into an opportunity which turned into the retail store front we are located in now. Like minded partners joined the team bringing decades of experience riding on the street and dirt along with mechanical skills amassed over those decades. Scooters were soon joined by street bikes which were joined by all manner of dirt bike. Four wheeled machines followed the dirt bikes through the door. 

We will service or repair anything. If you want to do it yourself, we have parts and supplies available for pretty much anything. 

If you need a helmet, gloves, boots or any type of gear for street or dirt riding we can hook you up. If you want to represent your favorite brands with t-shirts, hats, hoodies or other apparel we can hook you up with that too.

Personalizing a bike to reflect the rider is the fun stuff. We have performance parts and accessories available to customize your ride however you want. Need a pipe for a scooter? Big bore kits for a 250F? Bars and levers to make you more comfortable? A winch for your UTV? How about a street legal kit for that side by side or a windshield to keep from getting knocked out by a damn June bug?! 

We also do custom builds from the frame up to reflect your style, brand or business.

All of the custom scooter and motorcycle builds are done right in the shop. The ATV's and four wheeled machines are serviced at a satellite location that has easy accessibility, space for multiple machines but most importantly a two-post lift to make servicing the larger equipment simple, easy and efficient.

We are consistently expanding the shop capabilities with the addition of new equipment. Next up on the list is a dedicated motorcycle tire machine and computer balancer for all of you riders out there that need tires changed but cannot find the right place to do it.  We are exploring engine dynos to evaluate products and validate our engine builds. We are working on expanding welding capabilities and metal machining equipment as well as 3D printing of parts for truly custom parts and builds. We are working on becoming a NH State Motorcycle Inspection station, stay tuned. 

The showroom is always changing and we get new and different inventory in on a regular basis so stop by and see what's new.

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