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Excellent condition shovelhead that hasn't been on the road since 2013 after a full commissioning. There is an interesting story behind this old girl that came from the collection of Bruce Willis. In 2013 he donated 5 motorcycles from his personal collection to be auctioned for charity through the Boot Campaign, a 503c organization that works with veterans and their families. 


Boot Campaign.


Press Release: Bruce Willis Charity Bike Auction Raises Nearly $25,000 for Military Service Members and Their Families


Incidentally, the Harley Davidson listed here is the same one that was auctioned by the Boots Campain however, not one single mention of this bike got the year correct. All references listed this bike as a 1972 Ironhead Sportster and two out of the three descriptors are correct. It is an ironhead and it is a Sportster but when we decoded the frame number (VIN) the last digit was a 0, not a 2 making this a 1970. This is just a point of interest.


San Diego Harley went through this bike from end to end prior to the auction which was won by a local NH resident that had the oil changed regularly enough that it was not allowed to become acidic. The engine has been turned over routinely but has not been started since the auction.  We have replaced the battery which had failed over the last 13 years so theoretically the bike will start and run with fresh fuel. We are going to leave it up to the buyer whether we start it or they do.


Aside from the story behind the bike it is an excellent example of what a Harley used to be in the 70s with all of the quirks and perks. The good news is that this bike is equipped with an electric start for those of us with bad knees from years of questionable decisions! 

1970 Harley Davidson XLH

SKU: 3A20402H0
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